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U12 Green

Management Team: Richard Schuchardt and Matthew
Training at Heath Park on Thursday Nights from 6.00pm - 7.30pm

HPR Under 12 Greens are sponsored by: Cardiff Residential Estates
HPR Greens are looking for players for next season - 2016/17
please email for information.
Latest Results

30th April 2016
HPR Greens 11
Lisvane Greens 0

Goals: Sam (5), Robleh (2), Dan, Hydref, Jake, Ethan.
Assists: Ethan (3), Dan (3), Sam (3), Robleh, Jake.

Man of the Match:

Good performance to finish the season with some nice football on show. Plenty to work on before next year with lots of positives.

28th April 2016

Fairwater Junors 2
HPR Greens 10

Goals: Sam (5), Hydref (2), Ethan (2), Dan.
Assists: Ethan (4), Dan (2), Osian, Marcin, Oscar.

Man of the Match:

An experience best forgotton.....

23rd April 2016

HPR Greens 3
Radyr 4

Goals: Sam (2), Dan.
Assists: Marcin (2), Sam

Man of the Match: Jake - Some great saves including a penalty.

Agonising defeat in the crunch game with Radyr scoring two goals in the final six minutes. Not the first time this season this has happened.

20th April 2016
HPR Greens 13
Cyncoed 3

Goals: Oscar (4), Osian (2), Josiah (2), Sam (2), Dan, Hydref, Ethan.
Assists: Dan (8), Oscar (2), Hydref, Ethan.

Man of the Match: Dan & Josiah.

Keep plugging away and see what happens at the end of the season. Three games left and still all to play for!

16th April 2016

Cardiff Hibs 2
HPR Greens 13

Goals: Sam (6), Ethan (3), Marcin (2), Dan, OG.
Assists: Ethan (4), Dan (3), Sam (2), Oscar (2), Hydref (2)

Man of the Match: Sam - Great all round play with some excellent finishing.

Another win in the bag against a valiant team. The game was over as a contest after 20 minutes with the Greens 5-0 up. Great effort to keep going after the break to improve the crucial goal difference aspect.

12th April 2016

HPR Greens 15
Fairwater Juniors 3

Goals: Sam (6), Dan (4). Ethan (3), Oscar, Hydref
Assists: Sam (2), Dan (2), Ethan (2) Oscar, Hydref, Jake, Osian.

Man of the Match: Hydref - Improving every week and scored a fine chipped goal.

A dominant display against a spirited Fairwater team who can thank their goalkeeper for making some great saves. Back to winning ways after the recent blip but the hard work goes on until the final kick of the season.

8th April 2016

HPR Greens 1
Lisvane Panthers Reds 3

Goals: Dan

Man of the Match: Hydref and Osian

Never has the saying 'A game of two halves' been more true. The boys improved 10 fold in the second half but could not get over the line.

6th April 2016

Gwaelod Rangers 5
HPR Greens 1

Goals: Sam
Assists: Jake

Man of the Match: Sam - Never stopped trying.

Statistics will show a 70/30 possession split in our favour.....possession doesn't win games. A tricky banaba skin came true with a disappointing performance against a well organised side.

2nd April 2016
HPR Greens 4
Marshfield Juniors 4

Goals: Sam , Dan 2, Ethan.
Assists: Sam, Marcin, Dan

Man of the Match: Marcin. Tireless running

A great draw against the runaway leaders of the division, stopping their 100% record at the same time.

19th March 2016
HPR Greens 8
Cardiff Hibs 1

Goals: Sam 4, Dan 2, Ethan, Robleh
Assists: Ethan 3, Dan 2, Sam, Oscar

Man of the Match: Sam. Great all round display with some fine finishing.

Good solid win today and much improved from the last game. Confident defensive display with some neat movement and finishing up front.

5th March 2016
Cyncoed 1
HPR Greens 5

Goals: Dan 2, Ethan 2, Sam
Assists: Hydref, Osian, Matthew

Man of the Match: Matthew. Stayed solid throughout.

Finally! We had a game. Overall a bit rusty which was to be expected after a 5 month winter break. The boys all dug in and completed a comfortable victory.

24th October 2015
HPR Greens 1
Gwaelod Rangers 0

Goals: Ethan

Man of the Match: Matthew. In a very tough match he was always in the right position to make the decisive clearance or tackle.

A very tough and competitive match against our old friends Gwaelod Rangers. The step up to Junior league hasn't changed how close the match was. Both teams had periods of possession, with the deciding goal coming from a long range effort from Ethan who seemed to apply a small amount of off spin in the shot to confuse their keeper.

Plenty of things to work on in training but well done on gaining the 3 points.

17th October 2015
Marshfield Juniors 6
HPR Greens 1

Goals: Oscar

Man of the Match: Josiah. Came on as a 2nd half substitute and brought energy and enthusiasm to the match along with some great saving tackles.

I have no comment on this match, (great goal Oscar!).

10th October 2015
Radyr Rangers 2
HPR Greens 7

Goals: Ethan (4), Dan (2), Matthew.
Assists: Jake (3), Oscar (3), Matthew.

Man of the Match: Ethan. Left foot 1-on-1, tap in from 3 yards, 25 yard wonder strike and one that bounced off his backside. Intelligent movement and positioning throughout the match, a well deserved reward.

A great team performance against a previously unbeaten team and the league leaders at the time. After a tight 10-15 minutes the Greens exploded into action and were 6-0 up at half time. After the break Radyr were allowed back into the match, although a dubious penalty and a scrappy own goal were all they could muster. A great strike from Matthew rounding off a fine team performance.

3rd October 2015 - Cup Match
HPR Greens 2
Careau Ely 3

Goals: Marcin, Matthew
Assists: Sam

Man of the Match: Anurin. Outstanding debut at left back, didn't give the opposition's speedy winger an inch.

What a fantastic performance by the entire team today against runaway leaders of a higher division. The game was heading for extra time until a great finish by the Ely winger. The cup run is over, back to league business next week!

26th September 2015
Lisvane Panthers Green 0
HPR Greens 9

Goals: Ethan (4), Sam (3), Dan (2)
Assists: Sam (4), Marcin, Anuerin, Osian, Ethan.

Man of the Match: Oscar. Solid as a rock, the Birthday Boy gave us all a gift with his controlled and assured display.

19th September 2015

AFC Whitchurch YC 3
HPR Greens 3

Goals: Ethan (2), Dan
Assists: Dan, Jack, Oscar

Man of the Match: Marcin. Great performance in goal with some outstanding saves and excellent distribution of the ball.

12th September 2015

Lisvane Panthers Red 2
HPR Greens 10

Goals: Ethan (3), Dan (3), Sam, Oscar, Jack, Osian
Assists: Ethan (3), Jake (2), Oscar, Marcin, Dan

Man of the Match: Posie. Great all round performance.

10th September 2015

HPR Greens 3
AFC Whitchurch YC 3

Goals: Ethan (2), Sam
Assists: Posie, Jake

Man of the Match: Posie Outstanding! A rock solid defensive performance and a wonderful assist for the 1st goal.