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Mini Guide

New updated guide received September 2014

Although there are no league tables or cup competitions in Mini-football, managers are asked to send in their results as soon after their games as possible. This is simply to have something put on the website! A website without information coming from within the club will be interest to very few!

A fixture
Every fixture involves four teams. Each team plays each other so every team plays three games. 

Failure to play
Any Team in the Mini section not advising the junior Match Secretary of their inability to participate, by 7.00pm on the Wednesday prior to a fixture. shall at the discretion of the League Council be fined a sum not exceeding £5. The offending club to confirm to the Match Secretary, in writing. within five days following the date of the match.

The definitive guide to Mini-Football is found at the bottom. If you want to print out a copy to distribute Click Here

A good overview can be quickly digested by looking at the following table
Age Guidance
 Team CategorySchool yr No of HPR teamsteam sizepitch size Ball size Dist. of goal line to area edge (yds)Width of pen. area
 Under 71/ 2 Variable 4
no GK
30x20yds 3 No pen. area no pen. area
 Under 83 3 530x20 3 5 10
 Under 94 2 640x30 3 8 15
 Under 10 1 760X40 4 10 20
 Under 11 1 860X40
 4 19 20