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League Notes

Important Notes from 2011 League AGM

All managers/parents/players need to be familiar with the points raised. Please Click Here to see the notes
HPR bereavements
Match Reports to Echo
Ethos of Mini-football
Fines for Red cards etc
Behaviour of players/parents
New Ref fees
New League Mini-secretary
Last date for registering players for 2011/12

March Fixture notes

Note from Robin Davies, Junior Match Secretary
Some teams will notice that they are not at their normal “home” venue. Unfortunately with the backlog of fixtures i have had to utilise which ever pitches are available.
I have concentrated on league fixtures (in March Fixtures), cup rounds will be arranged in April.
Note from Andrew Duff, Mini Match Secretary
Would all secretaries please inform their team coaches/managers that if their team happens to be in the "Not Allocated" section it's because we have too many teams in their age group and they should not arrange friendly matches between teams that are not allocated. First-of-all they need to gain permission from the SWFA to play a friendly match. This is to make sure they are covered by the SWFA liability insurance. Secondly non allocated teams are expected to fill in if an allocated team informs the league they are unavailable.

Overage/unregistered players

Recently a few complaints have been received suggesting that some teams are playing overage players, or unregistered players.

Please advise your team managers that the playing of any ineligible player immediately nullifies all insurance policies for ALL involved in the game, obviously then putting all at risk in a worst case scenario.

To lessen the possibility of this occurring, I would suggest that ALL teams check the ID cards of ALL opponents before each game. Very often you will find that a team intending to play ineligible players do not have the ID cards available, if a team does not have a card for a player, that player must not take part in the game.

Any team found to be breaking the rules will be dealt with by the league council, those who are deemed to be responsible for the offence, (team manager) could be removed from involvement in football.

Important Reminder to Team Managers 

We have recently been reminded that parks pitches are not to be used when games are called off. Please note that players are NOT insured in case of injury under such circumstances. For insurance cover to be valid for any friendly fixture permission must be granted by the SWFA. Permission would not be granted if Cardiff Parks declare games off.

Standard of refereeing: Nov 2nd

Too many complaints are being received regarding the standard of refereeing in junior games. I will repeat my instruction from the September fixtures regarding officiating at games. All games must be refereed in a fair and unbiased manner. Sometimes problems are caused by lack of knowledge of the laws of the game, on occasion it is suggested that the person refereeing is seeking to gain an advantage for his team by his interpretation of the laws. Please take every step to ensure that these complaints are no longer required.

Conduct of players, officials and spectators

Again to repeat previous advice, clubs are responsible for the conduct of players officials and spectators. A game was recently abandoned due to an altercation between two adults. Any club found to be gulity of causing the abandonment of a game can expect a hefty fine from the South Wales Football Association.

Free dates due to Cardiff Schools games

Clubs are reminded that requests for free dates due to Cardiff Schools games will not be granted. Any team seeking to gain an advantage by requesting a free date, and giving a fictional reason for the request, may be dealt with by the league council.

Marshfield Hall Pitches: Message from Robin Davies 

October 1st 

"For info, the pitch at Marshfield does not come under Cardiff Parks so will very often be available for use when Cardiff Parks call off. 

A representative from the club will make contact to confirm if the Marshfield pitch is fit for use when Cardiff Parks are off.

Please ensure that your team managers are aware of this situation."

Message from Andrew Duff (Mini fixture organiser) September 30th 

"It was the intention of the league to hold the under 8s fixtures at 1 venue (Llandaff fields). However, the parks department are not willing to remove the permanent goals which would allow the marking of eight pitches.Thus, until further notice we will utilise the 6 mini pitches at Landaff, 1 pitch per 4 teams. The remaining sides will have temporary venues until the parks complete lining out an area at Sevenoaks. 
Please be aware of the health and safety issues of the children running along the side of the permanent goal. Perhaps you can move the area in by a metre using training cones."

League Notes From Robin Davies (League Secretrary) Recieved September 18th 2010

Early starts by Cardiff City affecting Fixtures

It has been deemed impractical to grant free dates to the number of requests received because of Cardiff City kicking off at midday. This would impact on the programme later in the season taking in to account that there is already at least one other midday game. 

However, as a compromise, teams may arrange by mutual agreement, to kick off at 9.30am. I will not arrange these early starts myself, but any clubs agreeing to an early start must notify me accordingly, by email.

Cup Matches:  Referees 

Away team to supply ref in cup matches if an offical has not been appointed

Extra time to be played in cup matches if scores are level at the end of normal time- under 16, 15 & 14 - ten minutes each way, under 13 & 12 - seven minutes each way. If scores are still level the game will be 

Decided on penalties- best of five, then “sudden death”

All teams not shown in the cup draw have a bye to the next round.

18th september is a cup conference date. Any team failing to play will be removed from the competition.


Referees in League Games

In league games, if a ref is not appointed, a qualified ref will be given priority. I.e. if the home team does not have a qualified person, the away team may supply a ref if they have a qualified person available.


If both teams have predominantly the same colour kit, the away team is to wear a change strip.


In the case of an injury to a player, the referee should stop the game to allow treatment if it is felt that the welfare of the player is at risk.


A refree appointed by a club, qualified or otherwise, has the same responsibilty and authority as an official appointed by the league. All instances of misconduct, caution, dismissal or problems with club officials or spectators must be reported to the south wales fa by the referee. Reports should be succinct, only including the offence, not what happened previously and must be sent to:

Mr M. Adams, 24 Ty Crwyn, Church Village, Pontypridd. CF38 2HX.


It must also be noted that whoever starts refereeing the game, officiates for the whole game. It has been known for clubs to agree to referee half each.


New Press Officer

A new press officer has been appointed. Steve vincent will now be responsible for compiling the reports for the echo. Information, to include names of goal scorers, half time score, and any other points of interest should be included in the brief report. Steves email address is: stevevincent@sky.com

I will forward any emails received by myself to steve, together with any information given to me on result cards or on the telephone.

Can you please ask your team managers, where possible, to email names of scorers rather than leaving them on the answerphone, two reasons, one being that the names of scorers are more likely to be spelled correctly, secondly, by the time that some managers leave a message on the answerphone telling me when the game was played, where it was played etc and the name of scorers, the answerphone becomes full. Realistically, unless the person leaving the message does not have email access, all i need is the result of the game, i will not always be available to remove the messages which may then impact on the senior teams leaving results in the afternoon.


Reminder for U12s new to 11 a side

Also for info, which is mainly advice to the under 12 teams who are new to the full sided game, “rolling subs” are not permitted.


Behaviour of Players Officials and Supporters

After the first two week ends some minor problems have been reported to the league. I will remind you of a previous message “clubs are responsible for the conduct of their players, officials and supporters”, it is not acceptable for an adult to enter the field of play unless instructed to do so by the referee.


The league will take appropriate action against any club that fails to ensure the good conduct of all involved with their club.


Illegal Approaches to Players

Also a couple of reports have been received regarding “illegal approaches” to players to transfer from one club to another. Please ensure that your team managers are aware that they may not approach a player to join their team, directly or indirectly, including approaches to a players parent. The only approach allowed is club secretary to club secretary.


Phone Calls to League Secretary

I receive an inordinate number of telephone calls and emails from managers. As i explained at the agm, i am not employed asthe cardiff & district afl, i have a full time job. While i will endeavour to respond to all messages, a number of the queries, i am certain, could be answered by the club secretary.

New Mini football rules

Message from Rob Franklin, FAW development officer

The Welsh Football Trust have a page dedicated to mini football on their website. This page includes details of the new rules and useful video's. Please could you forward the below web address to coaches/parents/volunteers as this will be an aid in informing people of new the changes happening as of this season (especially player numbers and the mandatory behind the line behind the team campaign).  


(doesn't run in google chrome but does in Internet explorer)