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Guidance Notes

The following is designed to help managers with common issues that have arisen over the years.
I suggest managers read the various notes received from the league. I compile these on the "League Notes" page
Mini Football 

Up to and including Under 11 players take part in the abbreviated form of the game.

Age Guidance
 Team CategorySchool yr No of HPR teamsteam sizepitch size
 Under 71/ 2 Variable 430x20yds
 Under 83 3 530x20
 Under 94 2 640x30
 Under 10 1 860X40
 Under 11 1 860X40

Mini Football Guides
There have been a number of new initiatives with regard to mini-football and the Welsh Football Trust website provides a number of helpful guides.

Other helpful sources

Format of Mini Football (UP TO UNDER 9)

Junior Football

From Under 12s players play 11 a side games on standard pitches with standard goal posts. 

Age Guidance
Team CategorySchool yr No of HPR teamsteam sizepitch sizeGame time
 Under 12 1 11 full 35 mins e/w
 Under 13 1 11 full 35 e/w
 Under 14 1 11 full 40 e/w
 Under 1510  1 11 full 40 e/w
 Under 16    11 1 11 full 40 e/w
 Youth12/13  1 11 full 45 e/w

The composition of leagues at under 12s is undertaken by the Cardiff and District league council and take views from a number of interest parties before selecting teams for the vairous divisions. The number of divisions is governed by the number of teams. Promotion and relegation issues are dealt with by the League. The number of teams can vary depending on the relative performance of teams in the divisions and of the total number of teams taking part in each age group

Home team supplies the goal nets and corner flags. 

The referee, (unless one is appointed by the league) is supplied by the home team. (except in cup games, see "cup rules" below)
Please make note of the following received from the League. 

"In league games, if a ref is not appointed, a qualified ref will be given priority. I.e. if the home team does not have a qualified person, the away team may supply a ref if they have a qualified person available."

A referee appointed by a club, qualified or otherwise, has the same responsibilty and authority as an official appointed by the league. All instances of misconduct, caution, dismissal or problems with club officials or spectators must be reported to the south wales fa by the referee. Reports should be succinct, only including the offence, not what happened previously and must be sent to:

Mr M. Adams, 24 Ty Crwyn, Church Village, Pontypridd. CF38 2HX.

It must also be noted that whoever starts refereeing the game, officiates for the whole game. It has been known for clubs to agree to referee half each."

Team colours

If both teams have predominantly the same colour kit, the away team is to wear a change strip.


Note on Substitutes
In junior football (U12 TO U16) a team may use a maximum of 5 substituutes. Please note that rolling subs ARE NOT allowed.

Cup Rules for Juniors
In junior cup Matches the away team should provide the referee if no official is appointed by the League. [nets/flags-home team]
Extra time to be played if teams are level at the final whistle; this is 7 mins e/w for U12 and U13 and 10mins e/w for U14, U15 and U16. If scores are level the usual penalty shoot out takes place. [Teams take 5 each, the 5 takers selected from players still on the pitch at the end of extra time. If the scores are still level, teams take one each until one team scores and one does not. No player shall take a second penalty unless all  players have already taken a penalty.]

Results/ Result Cards
Unlike in mini-football the league must be informed of results. The expects the home team to inform Robin Davies of the result of League or cup games by 5.30 on Saturdays and by 8.30 for Mid-week games. At HPR this has been achieved by managers informing Doug of all results straight after games. Doug will then collate all results so Robin receives one email. This also enables information to be placed on the website for the perusal by players/parents. 
For every game a result card must be sent to Robin. These are provided by the Club Secretary at the start of the season.